What is a Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer Center of Excellence? The term is used frequently in the IGCLC 2015 HDGC Clinical Guideline. This is a question asked by many in the HDGC community who are trying to figure out what sort of medical expertise to look for and where to find it.

I’ve had the pleasure of having several great conversations with Dr. Jeremy Davis at NIH since we first connected in 2017 to talk about his expanded gastric cancer research efforts, patient and family needs, and the importance of defining and identifying “centers of excellence” for HDGC patents and families. I’m thrilled that Dr. Jeremy Davis will participate in the IGCLC HDGC guideline update workshop this time around as the group works together to improve the lives of those impacted by HDGC.

I am very excited to share Establishing a center of excellence for hereditary diffuse gastric cancer syndrome, just published in the Journal of Surgical Oncology (Jan 2019) and in advance of the upcoming IGCLC workshop to take place in NZ in March 2019. Perfect timing!

“While no set of standards exist to identify centers of excellence for the treatment and study of patients with HDGC syndrome, the elements described herein can serve as a model for comprehensive, quality care.”

I believe that soon we will have this set of standards. From the patient and family perspective it will be a valuable tool, helping us understand the care we should seek, become better advocates for ourselves and our families, and guide us to the best overall care to meet our lifelong health care needs.

Heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Davis for his work and commitment to the development of a comprehensive HDGC syndrome research and care program at NIH. He really listens when we talk, and sincerely cares about this patient community. And also to his colleague, Dr. Justin Drake, for his initiative to address this important topic. I am honored for the opportunity extended to me to have a part in this paper.

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