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Enjoy this collection of interesting and educational videos about HDGC, and the discovery of the CDH1 gene mutation, and the promising research that we support at the Center For Translational Cancer Research in Otago.

NZ: Familial Gastric Cancer, 1 of 3

7:19 min (Maori & English)

NZ: Familial Gastric Cancer, 2 of 3

9:41 min (Maori & English)

NZ: Familial Gastric Cancer, 3 of 3

9:05 min (Maori & English)

Distinguished Research Medal Lecture

Read this first, then watch!
Parry Guilford to receive Otago’s highest honour

1:09:49 Parry Guilford: Evolution, families and cancer (2017)

Parry Guilford

Life saver

Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer: The past, the present, and hope for the future

1:49:12 (2015)

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