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Your support of research studies, clinical trials and surveys are a critical component of the Mission, to support work that leads to improvements in the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by HDGC. Participation is an interesting and rewarding way to advance research, and often times has a reach far beyond the HDGC Community. When possible results of these studies, trials and surveys will be published on site.

You can help by checking in regularly to discover new opportunities, and by spreading the word to others who may be qualified participants. Please spread the word by sharing information with your medical care providers, family and friends, and posting on your social media pages.

Hereditary Gastric Cancer Syndromes: An Integrated Genomic and Clinicopathologic Study of the Predisposition to Gastric Cancer

National Cancer Institute (NCI), Bethesda MD
Jeremy L. Davis MD
Objective: To study the causes of gastric cancer and provide comprehensive cancer care to patients and families with hereditary gastric cancer syndromes.
Overview of NIH Research Study
Patient Recruitment Information
ClinicalTrials.gov Listing
Note: This study is open to all HDGC patients and families, with or without confirmed CDH1 gene mutation, and pre- or post-surgery. Study participants who choose to travel to NIH receive study-related care at no cost. Participants are eligible for paid travel to and from NIH, providing travel is within the United States. Travel to NIH is not necessary in all instances of study participation. International patients and families may be eligible to participate.


SoftVue Scans to help doctors see through dense breast tissue, improving breast cancer detection.
KTVN News SoftVue Scans to Detect Breast Cancer
SoftVue Study Information and Eligibility Requirements


Cambridge University Hospitals familial gastric cancer study aims to identify new gastric cancer predisposing genes and to improve the treatment and management of individuals with an inherited predisposition to gastric cancer.
Study Information and Eligibility Requirements

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