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One size fits all. NOT!

Not when it comes to HDGC. Different genetic makeup. Different gene mutations. Different family history. Different family dynamics. Different health issues. Different bodies. Different minds. Different risk tolerances. Different anxiety and stress levels. Different personalities. Different dietary tolerances. Different energy levels. Different jobs. Different daily demands.

Different. Different. Different!

Within the HDGC community there seems to be one size that does fit all. That is the desire to help. The members of this community have a strong desire to help others who are on a similar, yet different, journey. There is a desire to help raise awareness, to help share resources and  information, and to help educate others. There is a desire to help and support one another through sharing stories and experiences, and to spread hope to those who are struggling to find it. There is a desire to help support promising HDGC research taking place in the world. There is a strong desire to do anything within their abilities to help make life better for those impacted by HDGC, not only for families today, but for the generations to come.

The HDGC journey often begins in a blur of shock, confusion, fear, uncertainty, and more. Yet the desire to help others always seems to stand strong. It may not be today, or tomorrow, but once things settle a bit, once strength and confidence return, so does that desire to help others.

No matter who you are, what you have, or where you are in your life journey, opportunities to help await you. Often times taking action is exactly what it takes to help soothe your soul.

One size does not fit all. Here are some ideas to help you find the right fit for the size you are today.

With tremendous appreciation and gratitude to everyone for their caring kindness and generosity, and endless passion for the Mission.

Fast and Free!


  • Taking care of yourself before caring for others is so important. OK, maybe this one is not so fast. If you need help, explore our Resources area. If you aren’t finding what you need, Make Your Voice Heard and no matter what you need all efforts will be made to find an appropriate resource for you.
  • Learn the facts about HDGC with this easy to digest HDGC Fact Sheet. Read it, share it with friends, family, and anyone who needs to have a better understanding of this cancer syndrome.
  • The Resources area is always a work in progress. If you have found a helpful resource, share them here to be posted for the benefit of others.
  • There are several stomach cancer organizations out there. You’ll also find several support groups operating at online sites, and a few in social media groups such as Facebook. Some can be found on the Resources page, and others you may learn about on stomach cancer organization websites. Explore them to find one or more that suits you and your particular needs.
  • Sign up to Keep In Touch. Sign up is found at the bottom of most every page, including this one. You’ll be kept in the know when there is something relevant to share. This is the best way to keep up with what is happening here, find new tools and resources, and discover other information, research updates and opportunities of interest to the HDGC community.
  • Check out the latest research out of Otago. The work going on  is so exciting, promising, and hopeful for our families and the next generations!
  • Make Your Voice Heard Your voice matters.
  • Read the blog. Share with others. Become a guest contributor. Comment on a post. Engage! We all have something worthy to share.
  • Learn about the IGCLC HDGC Clinical Guidelines. Share with family. Share with your medical professionals. The guideline will help you advocate for the quality of care you deserve. This will help your medical care providers learn how to best care for you. Keep an eye on the development of that portion of the site.
  • Suggest topics of interest and concern for inclusion on this site. Together we can make it a great resource for all HDGC families and our health care professionals.
  • Check out Studies, Surveys and Clinical Trials to see if your participation can help. Share with others you know who may wish to participate.
  • Consider participating in one or more Gastric Cancer Registries. This list is not complete. If you know of registries to add, send them here.
  • Share pages, posts, and news with others on Facebook and other social media, and email to friends and family. It serves to raise awareness which saves lives, and engages other caring people to become involved.
  • Share this site with your genetic counselors and other medical professionals. It is a great resource for both patients and medical professionals alike. It will take a bit of time to get fully functional, but that’s where Keeping In Touch will help.
  • If you like a new page, or a new post, share the knowledge! Share, share share!
  • Is there more? What did we miss? Make Your Voice Heard!

Invest Some Time or Money


  • Take some time to learn about the HDGC Research Fund. It won’t take long, but you’ll learn a lot about the Fund, including how 100% PLUS of your donation to the fund goes directly to HDGC research at the Center for Translational Cancer Research (Parry Guilford’s lab) in Dunedin NZ. Factor in the advantageous currency exchange rate and a 100% donation can easily become 140% or more! If you have questions about the Fund, ask them!
  • Donate to the HDGC Research Fund. Online or by check, it’s easy.
  • Fundraise for the HDGC Research Fund! Otago will be setting up a tool to fundraise for the HDGC Research Fund on Facebook. Keep In Touch for more on that. Start your own fundraiser too. Ask for help and ideas.
  • Leave a legacy. Consider including the HDGC Research Fund in your will or trust.
  • Speak up! What else can be done to fund the HDGC Research Fund at Otago? Let’s put our great minds together. With common interests and goals the sky is the limit!
  • Take on a project. There is always work to be done. If you have a particular area of expertise or skill that you want to put to work, send a message.
  • Invest! A donation or bequest to the HDGC Research Fund is an investment in our families and our future generations. The return on investment…well, it cannot be expressed in dollars, or percentages, or any measure other than the return on the value of life. Immeasurable. Reports will be published on the progress of the fund and the research it funds.
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